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Fata®Folie by Decorfood Italy

This film is a revolution in the preparation, presentation and taste of food: this new cooking technology increases the creativity of the chef.
Fata® Card is a unique and extraordinary tool:

  • More possibilities for the preparation of food
  • Fulfills all nutritional principles of food preparation
  • Improves the presentation of the food on the table


Careful chemical-physical tests and analyzes have demonstrated the compatibility with foodstuffs and their resistance from -30 ° C to 220 ° C without any changes to the food.

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Carta FaTa silicone strings, bag 25 pc.
Carta FaTa silicone strings, bag 25 pc.
From €22.99 *
Carta FaTa single oven bags, 50 pc. a 20 x 30cm
Carta Fata as oven bag 50 pc. The cooking film, single oven bags 20x30 cm.
From €29.99 *
Carta FaTa as film, 100 pc. 50x50 cm
Carta FaTa as film (wrap) The cooking film, singly extractable, 100 pc. 50x50 cm
From €59.99 *