Lucullus Hot stone is completely certified for food!

Trust is good, control is better

This principle is also used in the production of our Hot Stones.

All materials used in the production of our Hot Stone Set are always tested and tested in advance for your food certification.

Proven Quality

Each of the materials used is strictly controlled and must be approved for the processing of substances that are in contact with food.

The Lucullus Table-System is in the main part

  • the Hot Stone (Steatit)
  • an impregnated wooden plat
  • a stainless steel plate and
  • three porcelain cups

built up. For all these materials, we look for tested and highest quality:

 Food Agent Hot Stone

The selection of the best steatite is not only important for the best food quality of the stone but also important for the application of the stone. Only a stone of such quality and density as we have in the program guarantees a long useful life and lifetime. Further information on the Steatit can be found in our blog contribution:

Hot Stone a special steatite

Stainless steel has always been a coveted raw material for its processing and processing.

In order to ensure that this raw material is treated with only the best and most durable material, we also pay attention to the best raw materials and quality.

 Food approved stainless steel
Wood from sustainable production

Wood from sustainable production.

The origin of the wood is as important as the processing and further processing of the wood.
Here we rely on natural, renewable resources with the same quality when procuring the wood.

One of the most important attention is directed at the further treatment of the wood
Only paints and varnishes are used which are absolutely safe and are approved for the processing of food products

All our paints and lacquers are approved and certified for the processing of children's toys.

The Lucullus wooden board receives its "protective surface treatment" by more than 7 "dives"!

Food-approved paints and varnishes
Porcelain of the highest quality

Porcelain of the highest quality

And just as with all other raw materials for our Lucullus table, we naturally also pay attention to the highest quality of Italian handicraft art.

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