Catering on the Hot Stone

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Three Lucullus catering station sizes are available for our catering with the Hot Stone.

The modular design makes it possible to supply any number of items for the upcoming catering.

The smallest catering unit is designed for events of up to 28 people. The middle catering unit accommodates up to 60 LucullusTable systems, and our large catering units enable up to 99 guests per unit.

By combining different catering units, even large events of up to 1,000 guests or more can be handled without problems.

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A perfectly designed set-up of the mobile catering boxes allows for a smooth running of your event:

  • Our catering material is delivered in the required quantity.
  • After placement of the catering station (this should be at a strategically favorable location "short runways"), only the stones in the respective oven have to be heated to the required temperature. You should schedule up to 4 hours for this.
  • As soon as the stones have reached your desired temperature, the hot stones are taken out of the oven using the Lucullus stone lifters and placed on the available Lucullus Sets.
  • Now only the Lucullus set brought the guest to the place and the feasting can begin.

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