Hot stone - the special steatite

The steatite stone is a special Hot Stone

The steatite is also called Speckstein. The name Speckstein is self-explanatory, because the rock shows a greasy luster similar to that of Speck and also feels so slippery.

The western and southern alps are a traditional mining area for Speckstein. An important center was the Val Lavizzara in northern Ticino.

A stone with unique features

The Steatit-Stone a special stone

This unique stone has an exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Our Hot Stone consists of coarse aggregates of olive grain and has strips of different grain size. That's why he looks very gorgeous and stylish.

One of its main features is high heat resistance and heat storage capacity, as well as an unusual moldability that makes it easier to work with.

The steatite is a variant of serpentine and consists predominantly of magnesium silicate. It is divided into two main groups: the talc slate, the main component of which is the talc, and the chlorite slate, the main component of which is chlorite.

These two groups are mainly distinguished by:

  • crystal structure
  • lamellar structure
  • grain structure
  • hardness
  • colour

Talk slate is white-gray and can be found amply in the Italian alpine region.
The typical green chlorite slate, on the other hand, is very rare, but it is found in the Ossolatal.
In general, the Speckstein appears as a rock formation with the color from dull green to gray, with dark veins and clear, sometimes with the colors blue with very tender structure.
It is particularly suitable for a slow and healthy cooking, ideal for preparing food. Its durability makes the Lucullus Table-System a perfect device for healthy food and healthy eating:

  • Exceptional heat storage and heat dissipation
  • Resistance to the action of alkaline acid
  • Very high resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Excellent anti-stick properties
  • Invariability of the product.
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